About O's Place Jazz Magazine

O's Place Jazz is a quarterly digital jazz magazine and weekly web site featuring concise unbiased reviews of the latest jazz and blues. We do not include any advertising. We focus on an audiophile and professional community across the US with some subscribers also in Europe and South America. We have been around for over twenty years with a circulation of about 5000. Our motto: "Sound Advice at a nice price." 

Our reviews include both performance and sound ratings. O's primary listening is done with a Sony XA777ES SACD player, Ayre C5-xeMP CD player, Jeff Rowland Consonance preamp, two Jeff Rowland Model 1 amplifiers (balanced mono mode), Classe CA-200 amplifier, Mirage M1 speakers and B&W 800D speakers wired with Cardas Hex 5C speaker wire, Transparent Audio interconnects and E.S.P. Essence Power Distribution System.